We now accept Price Quotes On-line!

We just implemented a new feature to this website which we anticipate our clubs and organizations will like…  Price Quotes on a number of products!

The system is easy to use…

  • When you click on a product’s detail, you will see a button “Add to Quote”.
  • Continue shopping, adding more products to the quote list using the same method.  Do not worry about quantity of items just yet.
  • When you are done adding items… On the main menu under “Information” you will see a menu selection for “Request a Quote”. Click on it.
  • All your items will show, and you can update the quantities from there if needed.
  • Fill in the required information fields, including a valid email address.  There is a comments area where you can add further details about your quote.  Also see below…
  • IMPORTANT!  In the comments area, include your shipping address.  We will need to calculate shipping to give you a proper price quote!
  • Our office will receive the email promptly, and we will respond as soon as possible with a price quote for you!

This feature only works on products we list on our website.  If you need a price quote on something NOT listed on our website, use our “Contact Us” email system to ask about it.  We may have what you are looking for, or may be able to get it for you in a timely fashion!

Just one more thing to make our website useful to our valued customers!