CZ457 Training Rifle .22lr 24″ BBL


CZ457 Training Rifle .22lr 24″ BBL

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Just arrived May 1,2020!!

CZ457 Training Rifle .22lr 24″ BBL,  TYPICAL FEATURES:

CZ457 Training Rifle .22lr 24″ BBL 1/2×20
The latest of CZ Training Rifle models which are perfect for novice shooters of all ages. In this case, it is all the more true thanks to the benefits of the CZ 457 series that significantly increase user safety, accuracy and lifetime.
It provides comfortable and precise shooting with the help of iron sights placed on a 630 mm long thin-walled barrel.

CZ457 NEW Features!!!
The bedding significantly contributes to long-term accuracy and stability of the attachment of the mechanism in the stock. It largely eliminates the effect of wood expansion under different temperature conditions on sighting-in and accuracy of the firearm. It will therefore stay sighted-in for longer and allow you to shoot very accurately.

Bolt rotation movement shortened to 60° allows the shooter to conveniently, smoothly and quickly reload the rifle whenever the situation requires it, especially in combination with optical sights mounted.

Compared to the previous model, the striker weight was reduced to 62 %. This prevents even the smallest vibration that could affect the shooting accuracy. The striker is also modified to be resistant to dry training.

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