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Eley-Match-Biathlon .22lr

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Eley ammunition, made in the UK!  Great target ammunition in Biathlon Rifles and cold weather shooting.

The iconic flat nose projectile of ELEY match biathlon is one of many innovations pioneered by ELEY engineers. ELEY match biathlon has some of the key features of ELEY tenex biathlon making it the perfect training round. As it cuts through the air its revolutionary design pulls the centre of pressure forwards, aerodynamically stabilizing the projectile and increasing accuracy at the target.

Examination of bullet and chambering characteristics at freezing temperatures led to a reduction in the diameter of the cartridge to aid cycling in bolt-action or straight-pull biathlon rifles. A scientifically designed lubricant was developed to suit cold temperatures, aiding consistency and reducing barrel wear. ELEY match biathlon also benefits from an increased propellant charge giving the bullet enhanced terminal energy and a greater knock down force needed for the biathlon target.

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