Hammerli FP60 Free Pistol – DISCONTINUED!!

Hammerli FP60 Free Pistol

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We will no longer be stocking this item but can special order it for you.  Non refundable 25% deposit required.

The HÄMMERLI FP 60 combines a refined ergonomic design with the tried and tested attributes of its predecessor, the popular FP 10. The FP 60 is a testament to experienced engineering and innovative design. High stability and exceptional handling allow for precision aiming and controlled shooting. The centre of gravity can be fine-tuned using additional weights and stabilizers to suit the posture and personal preferences of the shooter. ■ Equipped with weights and individually adjustable stabilizers ■ Falling block makes it comfortable to open ■ Sights can be altered laterally and in height and length by hand ■ Rear sight notch adjustable in height and depth ■ Integral front sight is in three widths ■ Grip adjustable ■ Comes with a plastic case with cleaning kit Grip sizes available are RHS & RHL.  Rink grips are also available for this Free Pistol.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 15 cm