Knobloch K5 Top shooting Glasses w/case


Knobloch K5 Top shooting Glasses w/case

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Knobloch K5 Top shooting Glasses w/case. K 5 Shooting-glasses, height-adjustable for Rapid Fire, Skeet and Trap. The K5 is a special pair of shooting glasses for two handed shooting, for rapid fire, trap and skeet. They have an adjustable nose piece and can therefore be placed very high, so that e.g. with trap and skeet shooting, the glasses don’t come into contact with the gun. Because of the special magnetic holder the different filters can easily and quickly be put in front of the glasses so that they can be adapted to different light conditions. When necessary it is possible to attach a supplementary cover disk.

I love these glasses as they allow me to shoot multiple disciplines and are very easy to add the colored filters to.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm