Lapua .32 S&W 98g Wadcutter Bullets 1000/bx



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The Lapua Lead Wadcutter is a widely used bullet for competition shooting in centerfire pistol disciplines.  .314 diameter.


Lapua’s 32 S&W Long wadcutter cartridges are renowned for their world-class accuracy and reliability in every respect. In fact, Lapua cartridges have become the preferred choice among CISM and ISSF competitors, with 90% of them choosing the Lapua 32 S&W cartridge for the ultimate in on-target performance. The Lapua 32 S&W comes with a choice of two bullets: the 6.35g/98gr bullet for competition shooting and the lighter 5.35g/83gr bullet for military rapid fire and shooters who require a lower recoil.

The Lapua bullet is a hollow base bullet and has a slightly thinner skirt which allows it to conform to most barrels.

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