Patternmaster #5528 12ga Mossberg 500/535/930 LR Anaconda


5528 Mossberg 500-535-930 Long Range Blk Anaconda

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Anaconda Long Range is an amazing tool when it comes to geese, long range ducks, or even heavily pressured birds where you’ve gotta stretch the range every now and then. If you’re primarily a waterfowler, but turkey hunt a few days a season, the Anaconda Long Range will be a great “can get it done” in the Spring as well. The Anaconda Long Range provides “edge of envelope” flexibility with our gas over constriction technology. US patent #8,276,305.

The Patternmaster Anaconda Gas-Over-Constriction Technology™ is the world’s finest constriction tube. Designed specifically for hunters and shooters who prefer a constriction tube with some outstanding performance enhancing modifications at a great value, the Anaconda’s patented Coil Zone™ gives experienced hunters gamechanging pattern control at distances once thought impossible with constriction technology.

*For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps..


Maverick 12ga Model 88
Mossberg 12ga 500, 535, 930, 9200, and Mavrick

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