RWS Match Pistol pellets .177 45g 4.49


RWS .177 Match Pistol pellets 45g (7.0gr) 4.49

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RWS .177 Match Pistol pellets 45g (7.0gr) 4.49. Sold in cans of 500.

Whether shooting in the field or shooting for Gold in the Olympics, RWS makes the pellets that deliver. R 10 Match Pellets are constantly monitored for quality during the entire production phase to give the shooter the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

RWS Premium R10 Match Pellets are optoelectronically inspected for absolute consistency in size.
They are made with exceptional material quality that delivers a spotless surface finish that is protected from oxidation for long term storage.

  • .177 calibre
  • 7.0 grains
  • Wadcutter
  • 500 count
  • Recommended for pistols & 10m match rifles

Made in Germany

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