Steyr Grip Universal Small Grips & Sizing


Steyr Grips & Sizing

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EVO Grip sizing Please click on the EVO to see sizing chart.

Also available: the small universal grip for left and right-handed shooters – mountable on all Steyr air pistols. Attention: since this handle has a different length to all other Steyr handles, you need a shorter handrail! Please specify when ordering!

For the earlier grips.  Finding the correct grip size Measure the width of the palm of your hand. Width Grip size 7.5 cm or less X-Small 8 cm Small 8.5 Р9.5 cm Medium 9.5 Р10 cm Large more than 10.5 cm X-Large.

For those of you with longer fingers the EVO Grips are now available with the long option which puts your trigger finger in a better position.

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