Steyr LP2


Steyr LP2 .177 Air Pistol

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This is the most popular air pistol for the clubs.  The gun is simple to load and very reliable.  It shoots as accuaratly as the top line pistols without the cost.

This makes the difference in details:

  • Original STEYR trigger: first stage weight and first stage travel, second stage weight and trigger stop infinitely adjustable
  • Dry fire training shots without any necessary tools
  • Maximum safety: shots only possible when bolt is fully locked
  • Infinitely adjustable length of sight from: 311 to 335 mm (LP 2)
    268 to 298 mm (LP 2 COMPACT)
  • Eight different grips and one ambidextrous
  • Compressed air cylinder with German WIKA quality pressure gauge


NOTE: Please advise Cylinder color and grip size.

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Dimensions 52 × 27 × 12 cm