Steyr LP50 Compact


Steyr LP50 Compact

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Steyr LP50 Compact State grip size you need. LP 50 Compact The advantages of the COMPACT models: Shorter sighting line: The sight radius of the LP 10- and LP 50-Compact-models is more variable than the LP 2 Compact: Length of sight radius of LP 10 C is between 266 and 315 mm and the LP 50 C is between 257 and 300 mm. The distance between the rear and front sight is shorter by 50 mm compared to the standard models and shows a mor stable sight picture in relationship to the target. The steadier sight picture will increase confidence in young and old alike and allow them to concentrate on trigger release. Lighter weight: The lighter weight means that the young shooter is able to train for longer periods to perfect strength and technique. The LP 50 Compact and LP 50 E Compact can be used for all-season training in Olympic Rapid Fire and Standard Pistol disciplines. Due to the low cost of air pistol ammunition, this is a cheaper introduction to the sport.

The LP50 comes only in Black frame but with two cylinders, color options for the compact are Silver or Blue.

The LP50 comes with two 5 shot magazines.  Single shot and dry fire magazines are available.  Please check the accessories section for details.

Please state grip size when ordering.

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