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The 5 shot STEYR LP 5 has had a long and outstanding career. Now STEYR have developed the LP 5 into the LP 50. This pistol became even smoother and ensures the stability of an ideal competition pistol in any air pistol discipline. Being a great 5 shot pistol for the training of any dynamic pistol disciplines, the LP 50 is even more useful This makes the difference in details: •Standard trigger adjustable from 450 g to 1.050 g. •Three barrel vents steady the pistol additionally when shot is released •Maximum safety: shots only possible with magazine inserted •Infinitely adjustable length of sight from 307 to 350 mm •Eight different grips available •Compressed air cylinders with German WIKA quality pressure gauge

NOTICE – You must specify the 200 – 600 gram trigger or the 4 lbs. trigger (used for Bullseye practice). Indicate your choice in the remarks/comments section of your order!

The LP50 comes with 2, 5 shot magazines.  Single shot and dry fire magazines are available.  Check out the accessories section.

Cylinder colors available are silver, blue or gold.

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