Steyr Pump w/drier kit HILL MK5


Steyr Pump w/drier kit HILL

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Note: Image shows hose with pump, but no hose in this package!  It is designed for the filler adaptor with a DIN 200 thread to go directly into the pump.

Hill is known in the industry for making superior hand pumps. They’ve been producing commercial pumps for over 170 years and have applied their industry knowledge to the manufacture of airgun hand pumps. Hill hand pumps have a reputation for being extremely durable and outlasting other pumps by many years. Because the hand pump is easy to disassemble, it can be easily serviced by the owner. There’s no other manufacturer that sells replacement parts for their hand pumps. In fact, there’s no hand pump manufacturer that recommends disassembly of their products. Other manufacturers state that disassembly will void your warranty! Your Hill hand pump comes with a lifetime warranty. Maintain it as indicated in the owner’s manual and use Hill replacement parts as needed, and you’ll have a hand pump on which you can depend for decades


  • Hill hand pump
  • 3-stage pump
  • Up to 230 bar/3,300 psi
  • Gen 3 pump requires less effort
  • Field-stripped in 5 mins.
  • Dry-Pac system removes 90% of harmful moisture
  • Includes Dry-Pac, DIN 200 adaptor
  • Made in England

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Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 69 × 22 × 22 cm