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Uberti 1835 Navy .38 Special (each)


Uberti 1835 Navy .38 Special

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Two more from the John “Chuck” McCann estate.

These Uberti 1835 Navy Pistols are like new condition and I doubt they were ever shot.  As you can see in the picture the red warning tag is still on the gun Ser #X36235. I doubt Ser #X32961 has ever had a round in it.

The A. Uberti Model 1858 New Improved Navy Conversion Pistol (15335) is a common firearm (catalog number 15335). Produced by A. Uberti and named 1858 New Improved Navy Conversion . It has a barrel.

The minimum length of the gun is 281mm. The feeding system is: drum with 6 cartridges. The firearm has a single action rotation operation and belongs to class C2 (revolvers) .

Presented by Merlino Giacomo legal representative of the company A. Uberti . The country of production is: Italy .


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