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The high-precision and successful KK500 system in BLACKTEC stock sets new standards in terms of price-performance ratio. A genuine match rifle at the price of an entry-level gun. Due to the many individual adjustment possibilities and the option to use the system and the stock as right- and left-handed shooter, there are no unfulfilled wishes. With its light weight, the KK500 BLACKTEC is equally suitable for all age groups.

  • Short bolt with loading slot shifted to the rear
  • Weight-optimized firing pin for shortest possible shot release times
  • 3 noses lock, very smooth-running due to new surface coating
  • Bolt handle and case ejection can be changed from right to left (changing of the bolt possible without tools)
  • Universal stock with right/left grip
  • Cheek piece for right and left-hand stop positions
  • Fore-stock slidable and adjustable in height
  • Cheek and backend freely adjustable in height and length
  • Adjustable match trigger 50-130 g for single or two stage use
  • Lightweight (5 kg), therefore suitable for all age groups
  • Upgradeable by standardized connections

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Weight 12.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 40 × 16 cm