Weihrauch HW97KT .177


Weihrauch HW97KT .177

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PAL Required for this rifle 950 fps.

Scope and rings not included!

This is my favorite spring air rifle!

The new 97K thumbhole has arrived and we’ve had a chance to preview one of HW’s newest models.  One of the first things you notice is, the stock has been made to suit either right or left hand shooters, with a mild but useable raised cheekpiece on either side of the stock.  The customary machine cut checkering has been replaced with a stippled finish that adorns the pistol grip and forearm, and the stippling provides a subtle textured finish that has a good feel to it and a nice degree of grip assistance.  The fore-end of this new gun has been re-shaped and is now much more slender with a flow to the front of the stock that reaches it’s smallest circumference right below the front mounting screws that hold the action and woodwork together.  

Before we received the 97KT model, the images of the rifle looked like HW had simply modified the inlet parameters of the HW100 thumbhole stock and dropped the 97 in, but there are actually some really nice features that separate the two.  The cheekpiece, stippling, elegantly shaped and slender forearm and the last item, which is rarely found on any HW offering, the adjustable buttplate.  This is a very nice custom option that normally adorns FT rifles, so seeing one on the 97K was a pleasant surprise and actually serves a great purpose.  The moveable buttplate allows fine tuning of the scope and position relative to the shoulder placement of the stock.  On a conventional stock, your head position and view through the scope are adjusted by creeping the toe of the stock up or down on your shoulder or by tilting your head back or forward to gain a good view through the lens.  Extra large objective target scopes compound the problem as well as very small lens style models.  Adjusting the buttplate on your shoulder is your only option, but with a adjustable pad mounted, you can maintain a very comfortable and much straighter head position which will also help prevent scope cant, increasing overall accuracy.  The 97KT has exactly the same powerplant found in all 97K models and should prove to be a great gun for any prospective target shooter or anyone who appreciates the superb quality work coming out of one of Germany’s finest air gun factories.


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